Training Background

Big sister

Two of “my” babies that I assisted with during training!

 Thanks for taking time to browse my site here! I’ve been involved with midwifery for many years now, with my interest originally beginning after watching my own mother use midwives during her pregnancies and deliveries. When I was 16, I attended my first birth (a lovely homebirth with midwife Michelle), which confirmed my desire to pursue training once I graduated from high school. After spending several years observing a number of births (primarily with midwife Kathy), and getting some broader life experience (teaching English in Mexico, studying Spanish in Guatemala, taking Mission Medical training here, etc.), I began the Association of TX Midwives Midwifery Training Program in 2006. The following spring I moved to Family Birth Services, a birth center located in the heart of the Dallas Metroplex, in order to receive my clinical training. I felt blessed to be able to train at that birth center, which has been in operation for around 30 years, and has trained midwives from all over the country, offering out-of-hospital births at the center or at home. With the wide variety of clientele that the birth center served, there were opportunities to be involved with many different situations and complications. During my time in Texas, I also had the wonderful privilege of working with over 10 different midwives (two of my preceptors included Lisa and Amy), as well as the opportunity to gain other experience such as working with a nurse midwife doing prenatal clinics for low-income women in inner-city Dallas (at The Heidi Group).

I graduated from the academic program in March of 2008, and finished my internship at the birth center in early December 2008. In February 2009, I sat for and passed the North American Registry of Midwives exam in order to receive the Certified Professional Midwife credentials (which I continue to maintain), and in spring of that year also


My first “catch” as a student midwife!

received my TX midwifery license. During this time I began my own midwifery practice, serving families in my home area of central Kansas and Oklahoma, many times driving long distances to rural locations where no midwives were available, and even going as far south as Guatemala in order to deliver the baby of a missionary couple!

After marrying my husband, Joel, in the fall of 2010, I relocated to his home area of Juniata County, PA. We lived there for about 2 years, before moving to State College in November 2012. During the first two years of our marriage we had the privilege of delivering our first two children at home with the assistance of midwives, which has added a whole new depth to my practice as I can now say that I have experienced the challenges of pregnancy, natural childbirth, and intense nursing difficulties for myself. Starting over in a new community has had its challenges, as I continue to make new connections with the medical & birth community, but it has been a rewarding experience to work the women & families in Centre County. In order to maintain the CPM credential, I am required to take a required number of continuing education credits each year. Some of the courses I have taken in the past three years include:

In 2016, I also completed the necessary requirements and educational courses in order to obtain the Midwifery Bridge Certificate. This allows me to meet the educational and training requirements as set forth by the International Confederation of Midwives, thus ensuring that I have met the international standards to safely and competently practice midwifery and serve families by offering this service.

Office 3

One corner of my office-a place to study, and store some of my many books!

It’s my goal to stay up-to-date on current research and options in order to provide the families I am serving with evidence-based, safe, gentle and personal maternity care. To discuss my training background further, or to learn more about the specific complications I have experience with, please contact me!