Doula & Monitrice Services

Updated note – Winter 2017: Due to increased demands on my time having three preschoolers, I am currently unable to offer doula/monitrice services except under rare circumstances. However, there are many other options in the Centre County region for you to choose from! Feel free to contact me for referrals, or check out to see who might be available when you are due.

As a doula/monitrice, it is my goal to assist you in having a safe and satisfying birth experience. Many women find that having consistent, knowledgeable support throughout their labor and delivery helps them and their family to understand what is happening with their body, better relax, and work together in order to bring this precious new addition into the world. Due to my experience as a midwife, I can also assist with labor support at home, monitoring mom & baby’s conditions, checking dilation progress, and helping you to decide when it is the best time to go to the hospital/birth center. Some aspects of my role as a doula include: providing you with information both before and during labor that will assist you as a couple in making informed decisions regarding medical care and interventions, facilitating good communication with your birth team and the hospital staff, giving reassurance and perspective during labor, suggesting comfort measures and positions to encourage labor progress, and assisting with emotional and physical support for the couple.

Kalia Hope

Kalia Hope

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